My pages

CREATIVEK is my personal story archive. For more information please visit here.

LOKI-D.COM is my blog about all things fandom.
Reviews, rambling, character studies, spoilers and recent infos on my favorite TV shows and
movies can be found there, as well as fanart such as icons and avatars.
It was inspired by the character Loki from Thor and The Avengers and his actor Tom Hiddleston.

SEW ME is a new site I try to create and fill with contents. It will contain all my sewing projects,
including a step-by-step documentation of how they came to be.
It's not yet up and there hasn't been much done yet.

This is my personal LiveJournal; I used to be very active there, especially during my
Doctor Who phase. Almost all of my fics are posted there as well.
The journal is friends-locked, but fanfics and fanart (wallpapers, icons etc.) are visible
for everyone.

JIBBSADDICTS / JIBBSARCHIVE is - or was - an archive project to bring together all Jibbs
(Jenny/Gibbs ship from NCIS) fanfic on one page, because Jibbs fans ignore that the episode
Judgement Day ever happened.
The site isn't updated anymore; nevertheless is it worth a visit, as there are 130 stories of
nine authors archived.